Growing number of health conscious consumers which resulted in increasing demand for fresh fruits and vegetables urged Saro Inter Thailand Company Limited to enter the domain of fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers distribution. Based in Thailand and having its branch in India, our motto is to reach the taste and freshness of tropical heaven pole to pole.
Fresh produce gathered from reliable and quality proven farms are transported to our facilitated packing house, retaining the freshness and maintaining the hygiene. Cleaning, assorting and packing are well taken care of under GAP Farm and GMP system approved by the Agricultural Department of Thailand.
SaroFresh upholds the significance of customer satisfaction, hence make the best of our efforts to reach a wide range of crops in custom-tailored packing at most reasonable prices, valuing time, to our customers. Customer satisfaction being our main objective, helped us to take the graph up and steady in today's revolutionary market.


To supply quality fruits, vegetables, flowers and related services to the utmost satisfaction of our customers in all parts of the world.


We will accomplish our mission by sourcing high quality products from our farm network, adopting stringent quality control measures, continuously training our staff and upgrading our resources to meet the latest changes in technology.